Quick Visit (15 minutes)

This is ideal for those shy kitty’s who get nervous with strangers in their home, giving us time to feed, scoop and giving fresh water. 

Administer Medication additional fee of $5


30 Minute Visit

This is great for those kitties that like  more attention, giving us time to do the regular feed, scoop, and giving fresh water. Also giving us time to play with them and give them some cuddles, if they allow cuddling! 

Administer Medication Free


1 Hour Visit

For those kitties that like more human interaction, whether it be play time, cuddles on the couch or just to know there is someone there. This gives us time to feed, scoop and give fresh water, with time to show your fur baby(s) lots of attention!

Administer Medication Free


Same Day Second Visit (15 Minute)

Some kitties might require more than one visit a day. This could be for multiple reasons; medical purposes, feeding schedules etc. For this we are offering a second visit where we will stop in and take care or your fur babies needs. 

Administer Medication Free


Going The Distance

Long Distance Driving fee (extra Fuel Fee)


Weekly Rate!!!

For those people who are going away for an extended period we offer a weekly rate. For every 7 consecutive days that you book, we only charge you for 6  days (getting 1 day free*)

*This deal only applies to the 30 minute & 1 hour's services. 

*Must be consecutive days.

Holiday Rates!!!

We do not charge extra or add fees for holidays.