Our Journey To Cat Sitting

Owning 5 cats ourselves, we’ve gone on holiday and have found it difficult to find quality cat sitters in friends, family or professional services.

We were quite surprised to be quoted $75-$120/day for only a 30 minute visit a day, not even guaranteeing they would be there every day. We’ve had a professional service come and take care of our fur babies which they did very well; doing exactly as we requested (fed them, cleaned litter boxes sat/cuddled with the cats), unfortunately upon arriving home we found that we had some frozen pipes that we were unaware of. We’ve had friends look after our fur babies as well, even paid them, only to find out they didn’t come every day as arranged.

After these experiences we decided to get into the cat sitting business, offering a premium service at a cost efficient price point (different packages available), yet having the piece of mind that your fur babies and home are being well looked after.

I have 4 year experience working with a cat groomer. Doing so has taught me how to read a cats behavior, body language and sounds; having this knowledge allows me to create a great relationship with your fur babies.

Our Fur Babies

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